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Swiss MAID


Our concept is an innovative, revolutionary and will very much match high standards and safety demands from any countries around the world.

MAID ® in short:

MAID ® is the new generation of flexible and compact infrastructure independent anesthesia concept for developing and developed countries. In our fast moving world it is of enormous important that we treat the patients with the techniques one step ahead. MAID ® is a Swiss product, is unique and allows the breakthrough application in anesthesia at any circumstances.


MAID ® offers the revolutionary features:

 -One machine for ICU and anesthesia

-A built in syringe pump for multiple applications; TIVA or Inhalation drugs like, Hal, Enfl, Iso or Sevo.

-Safe AnaConDa (inhalation -mini-anaesthesia filter)

-Delivery and monitoring

-Absorption of the rest agent during volatile anaesthesia delivery

-Economic and ecologic, no pollution due agent filter

-All together has a weight less than 12 kg!

-The unit needs only O2 cylinder of 3.5 l to deliver concentration above 21%.

-Warming up the fresh gas flow up to 35°C


MAID® can be used at:

        Private clinics

        Rural areas

        Mobile hospitals

        Military installations

        Rescue team

        Dental clinics

        CT scan etc

        Sedation at ICU

        Anywhere to safe lives